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September 01, 2006

Drunky McLiar

It appears that Mike!(tm) McGavick can't manage to tell the truth when he's being "candid" with us.  His account of his 1993 drunk driving arrest doesn't square with the police record.

For example, in a sketchy, four-sentence description of the incident on his campaign Web site Aug. 24, McGavick wrote that he was stopped when he "cut a yellow light too close in 1993" while driving home with Gaelynn, now his wife.

The Montgomery County, Md., police officer who arrested him Nov. 21, 1993, said in his report that he saw McGavick "drive through a steady red light."

The candidate, who is running against Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell, said in an interview last week that he was issued a citation but wasn't arrested.

But the police report and a police spokesman Friday said McGavick was placed under arrest, handcuffed, driven to a district police station and handcuffed to a desk while he was questioned and signed various forms.


Posted by Jon Stahl on September 1, 2006 at 04:07 PM in Candidate Races | Permalink


I'm sorry -- but this seems like nit picking to me. The guy admits that he got caught driving while drunk thirteen years ago, and you're arguing over whether it was an arrest or a citation, and over the light was yellow or red?

Think about the reverse: Let's say in October 1997, Bill Clinton had admitted his adultery with Monica Lewinsky. In his admission, Clinton says that he "only" had oral sex with Lewinsky, but later it comes out that he had intercourse with her? Conservative Christians go ballistic over this "deception." What would your response be?

Look, you've got plenty of policy reasons to not want Mike! elected to the Senate. This is a dry well... in fact, it's pretty much exactly what McGavick means when he talks about civility.

Posted by: Allen McPheeters | Sep 1, 2006 10:27:16 PM

I sort of Wonder:

Is the ex-CEO learning that life in the fishbowl is substantially different than life in Private business? You know, as the Big Boss at SAFECO, he could say, "No more layoffs." and then layoff, say 500 more people.

In the scrutiny experienced in Public Life, when you go into the confessional, you damn well better tell the truth. If I was the ex-CEO, I would save a big part of that multi-million dollar severance package that SAFECO donated to his campaign. As they say in Baseball, Mike, I don't think anyone is going to pick up your option, least of all the voters of Washington State.


Posted by: Jack smith | Sep 2, 2006 9:11:42 PM

I wonder if people who get broadsided by red light runners consider it nitpicking? But you're right about the citation/arrest argument, the only distinction is the handcuffs.

Posted by: Gary | Sep 7, 2006 11:58:41 AM

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