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September 29, 2006

Is the Yes on 933 campaign illegally fundraising for Initiative 933?

I sent an email to the Washington State Campaign Disclosure Commission (PDC) asking them to look into the Yes on 933 campaign fundraising efforts. So, earlier this week, the Yes on 933 folks launched a misleading ad campaign under the organization name "Citizen Taxpayers Association" - but this organization isn't registered with the PDC - and I think legally they are supposed to. The reason for these rules is so that voters know who is behind each initiative and where the money is coming from. Transparency is the goal. And when campaigns break the rules - they are often trying to hide something and mislead voters. Furthermore, the contact information on the Citizen Taxpayer Association YesOn933.com site is the same mailing address for the Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights at http://proprights.org/contact.htm. Screen shots below show this. The address is 718 Griffin Avenue Suite #7, Enumclaw, Wa. 98022

At the very least, this is misleading to voters. But at worst it could show that either the Yes on 933 folks are violating campaign laws by fundraising under an unregistered entity or that the Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights is fundraising under an unregistered group name.

And finally, the yeson933.com domain name is registered to Property Fairness Coalition. So, why is the Property Fairness Coalition, the group properly registered with the PDC, raising money under the name Citizen Taxpayers' Association - an apparently unregistered group? and why does this unregistered entity have the same contact / mailing address as the Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights a third group?

This just leads me to ask why? And who is behind this? And what is the agenda of the yes on 933 team?

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Posted by Jeff on September 29, 2006 at 05:43 PM in Ballot Initiatives | Permalink


Can anyone identify that song they used in the "Eviction" scene? Do you think the Yes on 933 folks really respected the property rights of the copyright owner of that song? I doubt it. Sounded kinda like the 90210 theme song....

If I knew what the song is, I'd contact the copyright holder, asap.

Posted by: Willis | Sep 29, 2006 6:41:44 PM

Well, they are also infringing possibly on HBO's Sopranos... I mean the whole video is a direct rip off of the show. It would be sort of funny if they are violating campaign fundraising rules - then it would turn out that they were breaking the law too.

Posted by: Jeff | Sep 29, 2006 6:44:11 PM

Excellent! Good on you.

Posted by: Noemie Maxwell | Oct 1, 2006 12:54:08 PM

Talk about missing the point of the Initiative... If your property rights were being regulated & your home or land was being taken away, would you be worried about a theme song on a website souding like 90210 or protecting the rights of your property?? Vote yes on Initiative 933. Check out the site yeson933.com.

Posted by: Evangeline Restino | Oct 18, 2006 11:47:08 AM

Thanks Evangeline for trolling all the no on 933 blogs. Who are you working for?

The more times you link to your yeson933 site - the more likely people who google for i933 will find these quality posts that go to the truth behind 933 - the developer giveaway initiative.

Posted by: Jeff Reifman | Oct 18, 2006 12:24:13 PM

"pay or waive"

if they dont pay, then they have to get the law waved .....it cost money either way .

taxpayer money......

Posted by: scooby | Oct 24, 2006 10:46:18 PM

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