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September 26, 2006

Latest Burner-Reichert Poll: The Details

I have a lot more about the Emily's List poll results that I referred to last night and the details provide much potential upside for Darcy.  Here's what we have:

  • Burner's favorable/unfavorables are 33%/13% with 46% who haven't heard of her or have no opinion
  • Reichert's favorable/unfavorables are 46%/35% with only 20% who have not heard of him or have no opinion
  • Reichert's job approval ratings are 40% and a whopping 46% unfavorable with 13% saying they don't know
  • Burner's name recognition is 46% and Reichert's name recognition is 81%
  • The race is too close to call today with 44% saying they would vote for Reichert and 43% saying they would vote for Burner

The report that I got from the campaign indicates "significant opportunities to grow name recognition amongst younger voters, especially women, parents, the less well-educated, and residents of Pierce County".   The poll was done by Grove Insight.  400 8th CD voters were contacted between Sept. 18-21 and the margin of error (MoE) is 4.9%.

The rest of the good news is in the generic opinions of the voters for Republicans and Democrats and especially against Bush.  In a generic match-up, the 8th CD voters favor the Democratic candidate over the Republican candidate by a margin of 10%.  The poll indicates that 44% favor a generic Democrat and 34% favor a generic Republican.  Bush's favorable/nonfavorables are 36%/59%.  That is hugely bad.  And worse yet, his job approval rating in the 8th is 28% while the disapproval rating is 71%. 

Whew!  Not a good year to be a Republican in the 8th CD.  Now, of course, these hopeful numbers mean nothing if the campaign can't act on them.  The only way Darcy can make use of this potential good news is if she gets some help.  Turnout is absolutely critical.  Give and volunteer.

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