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September 06, 2006

Leading Edge Can Be Bleeding Edge

Poor Oregon has become the example of what not to do in property rights legislation.  After years of having some of the best land use laws in the country, Oregon passed their version of I-933 in 2004, Measure 37.  Since then, Oregon has had to content with 1,994 claims, seeking $4.2 billion in compensation from various state and local agencies. That is the summary through July 7, 2006, from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, according to our friend TJ at Loaded Orygun, a kick-ass newish blog in Oregon. 

TJ used an earlier article by Eric Pryne from the Seattle Times as his jumping off point.  The article was entitled  "I-933 finds support lukewarm support" which pretty much says it all.  When the Master Builder Association and the BIAW back out on supporting your right-wing "property rights" initiative, you're pretty much toast.   

Trying to make the best of a bad deal, Dan Wood, Farm Bureau government-affairs director and sponsor of both I-933 and the 1995 failed Washington State property rights initiative, is quoted by the Seattle Times article as saying that the big guys have the resources to deal with current Growth Management Act regulations but the small folks don't. 

But, according to the High Country News as cited by TJ, the small guys in Oregon are having a bad case of buyer's remorse.   

Bill Rose, who lives 20 miles south of Portland in the Willamette Valley, supported the measure to relax regulations. Now, a neighbor has filed a claim to convert a 40-acre berry farm into 280 houses. "Measure 37 will destroy this valley the best place to live and farm that I know of," Rose said.

Renee Ross of Molalla, southeast of Portland, liked Measure 37. Two neighbors filed claims, one to build 10 houses on 60 acres, and the other for a gravel mine on 80 acres. Clackamas County approved both. Ted Schroeder, a doctor in the Grande Ronde Valley of northeast Oregon has serious regrets: " People got bamboozled, they got suckered in. I kick myself for being so naive."

Let's make sure the voters in Washington learn from our neighbors to the south in lovely, leading, now bleeding, Oregon.

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