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September 25, 2006

New Poll Has Burner and Reichert Even

Emily's List, the national organization dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to Congress, commissioned a poll in the 8th CD that has Darcy Burner and Dave Reichert neck and neck at 44-43.  For an incumbent to be this close at this point in the campaign is not good for him. 

I was at an Emily's List event this evening with Ellen Malcolm, Executive Director of Emily's List, which Darcy Burner attended and spoke at.  While we were still milling around, Darcy and I were talking and she mentioned this poll and said she had not yet heard the results but suspected they were good.  Emily's List has been helping Darcy from the beginning but they are now going to help her raise money from their very substantial membership nationally.  Like the DCCC, Emily's List is very calculating about where they put their money.  They like winners. 

Darcy spoke first, sharing her passion about changing the course of this country.  Then Ellen spoke and talked about the national political scene, the twelve Democratic women she expects to win new Congressional seats and then about the results of the poll they had commissioned in the 8th.  She said she was not allowed to share the information until it was made public but she had given the news to a political reporter that afternoon and now felt free to share it with Seattle's Emily's List gang. 

Ellen went on to talk about Emily's List plans to target the undecided voters, the 13% of the likely voters in the 8th who have not yet decided whether they are voting for Darcy or Reichert.  She said she was feeling pretty confident about how the vote would go and looked forward to having Darcy in DC and having Nancy Pelosi as House Majority Leader. 

I thought I'd come home and find the news on either the PI or Seattle Times website so I didn't ask Ellen about the details.  As a result, I got the scoop but can't for sure tell you whether it is 44/43 in favor of Burner or Reichert.  Not that it matters.  It's a statistical tie. And we'll know in the morning from whichever reporter got that story. 


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