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September 19, 2006

Ted Turner Suggests We Bar Men From Public Office for 100 Years

Now here's a practical idea.  Ted Turner, speaking before a group of journalists and international policy leaders at Reuter's offices in NYC, responded to a question about the possibility of a female U.N. Secretary General by advocating that men be barred from public office for a hundred years in every part of the world.    Here's why it's practical:

If we had women holding all the public offices, the amount of money on the military would be immediately cut way back and more would be spent on healthcare and education. There wouldn't be lack of family planning or birth control if the women ran things.

Turner's speech was primarily about his foundation's work with the U.N.  Nine years ago Turner gave $1 billion to strengthen the U.N. and provide money for U.N. causes around the world.  He also expressed his hope that Al Gore will run for President in 2008 and talked about the decision to invade Iraq.  He said that the U.S. had done "incalculable" damage over the past three years,    About the decision to invade Iraq, he said:

"It will go down in history -- it already is going down in history -- as one of the dumbest moves that was ever made by anybody," Turner said, citing the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor and the German invasion of Russia during the Second World War as other "dumb" moves.

"We lost so much," he said of the U.S. invasion. "It literally broke my heart, it was so dumb. ... If you started wars with everyone you don't like, well good God, we would all be at war with everybody."

The article was written by David Hirschman and published in the online edition of Editor and Publisher.

Posted by Lynn Allen on September 19, 2006 at 08:09 PM in Miscellany | Permalink


Heh. Worse suggestions have been made...

My wife and I, actually, use gender as the tie-breaker when we just can't decide whom to vote for. If one of the candidates is a woman, we go with her. We do this on the basis of our belief that women are, to a gross generalization, more empathetic and willing to consider other people's viewpoints than men. Consequently, they're more likely to consider real effects of policies on real people than the men are. And, less likely to get involved in that whole war thing.

Can't hurt to pick apart those invisible old-boy networks, one old boy at a time, either...

Posted by: Jason Black | Sep 19, 2006 8:23:22 PM

Women over men based on gender alone... does this mean Evergreen Politics is now endorsing McMorris over Goldmark?

Didn't think so.

Posted by: Nathan E. | Sep 20, 2006 3:07:35 PM

Well, it would be a different proposition if we knew for decades that it would just be women running for office. We'd train up a bunch of women leaders and help them think about what to do. Things would get done and community people would be consulted and expected to help.

Even the Republican women would have to go along with what people wanted - good educational opportunities and a good energy policy and good healthcare and sustainable, community-focused job growth.

We'd let the wonderful guys like Peter Goldmark serve as advisors if they'd like but they could also turn their attention to developing new strains of wheat. And serving on the Board of Regents and running a ranch. I bet the great guys like Goldmark would be just as happy handing over the governing to the women in a situation like that.

Posted by: Lynn | Sep 20, 2006 9:14:13 PM

Did I mention that I came out of the idealism of the sixties? And I haven't lost it all?

Posted by: Lynn | Sep 20, 2006 9:15:22 PM

I am a firm believer that the only way humanity will survive is through femininity. It is time to let the pendulum swing the other direction and let women take over for a while. Men are naturally prone to violence when trying to solve a problem where women use a more creative and compassionate part of their being. It is logical.

Posted by: Donna | Sep 25, 2006 9:29:53 AM

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Mr. Turner's suggestion to bar men from public office for 100 years would propel this sick humanity into a healthier and more peaceful era. I love his vision and commend his courage for making such a bold statement.
But let's not forget about Prophet's Rael's vision of the future and the comment He made years ago to the effect that only femininity can save humanity. Feminity should be taught in schools worlwide and begin at a very young age... maybe it's time to start teaching young boys to stop acting like cowboys and that it's ok to cry... especially here in America!

Posted by: Felix | Sep 25, 2006 9:57:08 AM

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