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September 29, 2006

Torture Thing Getting Me Down

I have been carrying around a heaviness about writing the last few days.  Having to deal with the issues of US government reactions to both torture and Habeas Corpus at the same time is really getting me down.  Normally I consider that I have a pretty big tolerance for the crap (sorry Barbara – I have a set of mostly older readers who greatly appreciate that I can bring them a progressive perspective on the news without using bad language) that the Republicans throw at us. 

But these last couple days, I realize I’ve been reluctant to write.  I’ve collected a lot of pieces that I would normally write up and discuss but haven’t done much with yet. Mostly I’ve been putting up video-clips of Democrats going after their Republican opponents in creative ways or of Keith Olbermann speaking truth on something of importance to us right now.  It provides me with the hope that I’ve badly needed while digesting this huge sorrow – this awareness that we cannot seem to find a bottom line as a nation, a line below which we will not go.

And luckily Jeff stepped into what might have been a vacuum at exactly the right time with real live important information and visuals about that nasty I-933.

I was reminded of a Tibetan word, loong, that describes a feeling of extreme lethargy and occurs when people meditate “too hard” for too long.  That’s how I felt yesterday morning.  I could only skim the headlines; it was too hard to read the details, to sort out who had voted for, voted against. 

So, yesterday afternoon, I managed to get some time in with a friend whom I could cry with.  And I did. I wailed about what was happening to my country, just let it go.  And after a few minutes and talking some more and wailing some more, I felt ever so much better. 

Not that a damned thing has changed (sorry again, Barbara, once I get this out, I’ll be able to behave myself again once more).

But I can go back to reading about it without that tremendous heaviness.  I can go back to reading and analyzing and articulating – this odd job I’ve sort of taken on in the world that we casually call “blogger”, all of us who spend time reading and writing on the blogosphere. We are the early adopters and our job is to communicate what we see to the next group of folks in society – the folks who wait to read or watch it in more digested form. 

Before I resume my blogging, starting with a piece on torture, I want to acknowledge on behalf of all of us, that this is not just intellectual or theoretical.  This is real and it impacts our lives and there will be times of sorrow, and if you’re into it as deeply as I am, times of loong.  There are reasons why people don’t follow the news.  It can truly be painful.  The trick, I think, is to acknowledge the pain and sorrow and then brush ourselves off and get back to work making the changes that will enable us to take our country back.  And, in my case, get some time with that delightful, almost 3-year old niece and go bicycling out to Golden Gardens and enjoy this incredible weather.

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Beautiful words, Lynn. It's true, we really do need to respect that this will not always be easy. Believing passionately in a world that evil people refuse to allow to come into being is painful, particularly when the obstacles become so obvious, as they did this week.

We will get there, it will just take a little while. We can vote, we can protect the integrity of that vote, we can lobby, we can educate people, we can march in the streets and demand change from our "leaders". But if we think they'll give us anything, we haven't read the history books.

These things take time. Unfortunately, an awful lot of people may be tortured in our name in the meantime. But if we remind our readers, and the broader general public of what their "leaders" voted for on Thursday, perhaps the right thing will happen this November, and the torture will somehow end.

There's always impeachment, right?

Posted by: Tahoma Activist | Sep 30, 2006 7:31:59 PM

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