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September 12, 2006

Wes Clark on Fifth Anniversary of 9/11

Did you ever imagine where we might be five years down the line?  That Osama bin Laden would still be on the loose?  That we would have 2.5 times as many terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda now than there were in Sept., 2001?  Wes Clark put out a great audio-clip yesterday laying out where we are now and where we could be if we had a sane foreign policy. 

Clark makes so much sense.  He challenges us to set aside the dictates of fear and hubris that the Bush Administration tries to impose upon us.  He says that we have nothing to fear in this country.  We should live in determination and work with other nations to resolve our common problems.  We have to be courageous and face the facts as they are now. 

Not only is Clark raising money tirelessly for the best of our Democratic candidates for this election cycle, he is also providing the national Democratic leaders with the clear foreign policy that they need to provide to the American people.  Here it is directly from him.   

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