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September 21, 2006

Wyoming and the 50-State Strategy

Markos had a post up yesterday about the Congressional race in Wyoming (they only have one) and how the state has really only come into play because of Howard Dean's 50-State Strategy.  Dean has been working for the last year and a half to build a national party.  They've been staffing up in every state, using money for that purpose while getting pounded by the DCCC for not spending it on the big national races instead.  Because of his interest in the Mountain West, Kos decided to look in detail at what the DNC had done in Wyoming.  The Executive Director of the Wyoming Democratic Party, Kyle DeBeers reported the following:   

There is no doubt that the DNC staffers are delivering tangible results for candidates across our state.  Since they began implementing our grassroots outreach program last fall, the DNC staffers have recruited and trained 681 volunteers around the state. The staff and these volunteers have given the state party a presence in places where it had been almost non-existent for years.  There is an unprecedented voter ID and voter persuasion project going on and neighbors are talking to neighbors like never before.

Gary Trauner, the Democrat, is running for Congress against Barbara Cubin, a very conservative Republican who entered Congress in the Republican sweep of 1994.  She can't be much in touch with her constituency given that Bush received 69% of the vote in the state in 2004 while she only received 55%.   

Gary walks the state talking to people as this great ad of his indicates.  As he knocks on doors around the state, he works with the activists that the DNC staffers have recruited and trained.  He has matched Cubin's fundraising in each of the last three quarters.  The race is competitive.  Kos says:

When Governor Dean decided to invest in Wyoming, few if any inside-the-beltway pundits would have expected the state's US House race to be competitive. It takes time to build a real grassroots organization, but because Governor Dean committed to compete everywhere, Wyoming Democrats were ready to take advantage of the opportunity that Gary's hard work created.

The 50-State Strategy is making a difference in other races too. Grassroots leaders identified by the DNC staffers are stepping forward to volunteer their time as county coordinators for the Democratic Nominees for State Auditor and State Superintendent of Public Instruction. DNC staffers have helped US Senate Nominee Dale Groutage stage press conferences and deliver his message to state and local media.

Dean's 50-State Strategy has made a difference in Wyoming up and down the ticket and the Party is poised to make gains in November. 

Hat Tip to Howie

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I love the fact that Dean's plan is bearing fruit. The DLC-ers tried to frame his 50-state Strategy as a "crazy Dean scream", but it hasn't worked. Actions really do speak louder than words. When progressive Democrats lead the party in winning back the House, the establishment types are going to be dumbfounded, because they will find themselves out in the cold - where they should be.

Posted by: shoephone | Sep 22, 2006 12:18:06 AM

I love the 50-state strategy. You have to govern once you're done campaigning, and it's important that every American - including those who vote for Republicans and "establishment type" Democrats - needs to realize we care about them. That's what candidate Dean meant with that Confederate flag comment of his: even MS and GA voters need to know I care about them. They may not vote for me, but I'll still be their President (or party chair). That kind of attitude is the only one that will allow for national healing and consensus governing, FDR or Reagan style (one of the few nice things about Reagan).

Posted by: Nathan E. | Sep 23, 2006 9:01:58 PM

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