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October 22, 2006

Darcy Round-up - Two Weeks Out

The PI endorsed Darcy for Congress both because they were very impressed with her but also because they decided that Reichert has been on the wrong side of votes on minimum wage, tax cuts, the ethics of Tom DeLay and the detention and trial of foreign detainees. The most telling thing they said:

Frankly, at a P-I Editorial Board session, it was difficult to tell who was the incumbent because her answers carried weight.

From how to balance the federal budget (and how urgent it is to do so) to how crucial it is to reduce human contributions to global climate change to Congress' role in Iraq war policy, Burner has the better grasp of the issues and the greater passion to deal with them.

The PI Endorsement more than offsets the nonsensical Seattle Times endorsement of Reichert last week, an endorsement which, like all their others in close races, attempts to bolster their tired attempt to eliminate the estate tax on multi-millionaires.

Then yesterday, McJoan, a front-pager at DailyKos, starts off a reporting swing through the West with a post on what it was like spending last Saturday with Darcy. She spent time doorbelling with Darcy in Auburn, blogged with her for awhile on DailyKos, and then ended up at a fundraiser for Darcy headlined by Congressman Jim McDermott and Ambassador Joe Wilson.

Like all of us who have spent time with Darcy, McJoan couldn't say enough wonderful things about her: she's funny, intelligent, warm, determined and knows how to focus on the right things. The part I really liked was her description of the reactions of the folks who answered their doors and spent time talking with Darcy:

At one house, an voter marked Independent on the campaign's walking list immediately recognized Darcy, and thanked her for coming out in the chill to his neighborhood. They chatted for a few minutes, him stumped by her asking if he had any questions for her. Apparently not too many people come to his neighborhood asking his opinion on things. He did know one, thing, he didn't like Reichert, so she had his vote. They chatted a bit, and she handed him her doorknocking lit, one side of which has a series of pictures of her opponent, Reichert, coming off of Air Force One arm in arm with Bush. "That's all the advertisment I need," the man said, pointing to one of the pictures. "Can you get rid of that guy, too?" "One step at a time," Darcy answered.
Another door opened to a very exuberant dog, which Darcy happily let jump on her nice suit. The woman who answered immediately hit upon one of the defining elements of Burner's campaign: "Your father and husband are vets, right?" When Darcy confirmed, the woman explained that her husband is a veteran. She and her husband are concerned about all the men and women coming back from Iraq to an already strained system of support for vets. She mentioned the long wait vets have for medical care, for appointments for other services. We moved on to another house, where Darcy spent about 10 minutes talking with a senior. He was undecided when she reached the door, but after talking about Iraq, about taxes, about education and Social Security, Darcy had won over another voter. "I always get them," she told. "When they take the time to talk to me, I always get them." It's not hard to believe, because Darcy has one of the most underrated traits in a pol--she listens. It sure worked on the front porches is this neighborhood.

Here's McJoan's closing remarks:

Burner does the Netroots list proud. She's taken our support and expanded it to a wide grassroots campaign. She's built an impressive campaign and has made this one of the top tier Congressional races this cycle. The race is neck and neck and the GOP is desperate to hold on. The NRCC has invested $2 milliion in this race.

That's how good Darcy Burner is.

Then there's the support that Darcy has garnered from the Boeing Engineering Union. Coolaqua has a post up that describes the strenuous process that the bipartisan union went through to develop questions, send out written questionnaires and then interview and rate the candidates. They did not make recommendations for specific races but they did rank all of the candidates they interviewed running for Congressional offices in Washington state.

Clear winners in the rankings were Darcy Burner #1, Rick Larsen #2, and tied for #3 were Peter Goldmark and Adam Smith. Darcy's scoring the number one position in this non-partisan ranking is a clear and unambiguous confirmation from working class Americans that she represents their values.

Meanwhile, Dave Reichert scored a 0 in this same ranking, by being so arrogant that he refused to even participate. What message does this send to Dave Reichert's Boeing constituents?

Dave Reichert's absence from the rankings is notable, especially since the Boeing Renton Plant is on his home turf of the 8th CD. Since Dave Reichert maintains a full congressional office in both Bellevue and Washington, it is hard to understand why neither he nor his staff felt they had the time to even fill out the written questionnaire provided to them by Speea-IFPTE.

And Dan Kirkdorffer discusses the latest forum between Darcy and Reichert, held at the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce along with a number of candidates from down-ticket races. Dan has notes on the entire forum and a video of the segment with Darcy and Reichert. Reichert talked about his years in the sheriff's office and in particular his years chasing the Green River Killer. Darcy talked about the choice that this race offers the voters in the 8th and about what she would do in Congress.

I talked about how Reichert blew off the AARP, much as coolaqua had discussed Reichert's blowing off 20,000 Boeing engineers, many of whom live in his district.

Lastly, Goldy pointed to a great video of Reichert talking at a conference in May when he thought he was speaking only to friends. He told the truth about how he votes. HE DOES WHAT HE IS TOLD. Sometimes the leadership requires him to vote with them. Sometimes they tell him to vote against them - at those times when 1) they don't need his vote and 2) it would be good PR to vote with his district. This is an astounding talk.

We have 15 days until the election, folks. This race is going to go down to the wire and the outcome will depend on voter turnout. We can impact the size of that turnout by volunteering for Darcy's campaign or contributing to it or both. This is a key race for us. We need to put in some sweat or equity or both if we want the right people in Congress in January.

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