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October 10, 2006

Darcy's Latest Ad: It's Great

After a couple of soft, introductory ads, Darcy is now taking on Reichert and linking him to Bush and failed Republican policies.  Take a look.

Matt Stoller of MyDD, who has been assessing Democratic campaign ads this cycle, says he likes that Darcy is taking the gloves off.  He also talked about meeting Darcy this last weekend, when he was in town for the TownHall panel on blogging.  Here's what he says about meeting her:

She's really funny, which is rare for a politician since the CW is that jokes are off message unless they are cynical, annoying, not funny, and quip-like. 

Darcy's running a good campaign and she's going to make us proud.  One of the weirdest and least understood problems with the Democrats in the House is how little turnover there has been since 1992.  There has been almost no new blood, and what new blood has come into the House on the Democratic side is New Dem/DLC.  Our reps are kind of insular, they haven't seen the world as a normal person for 14 years at least.  They're just not, well, cool.

Along with a lot of other candidates this cycle, Darcy's cool.  She wasn't in Congress during the Clinton years, during the dotcom cycle, during 9/11, during Iraq.  She's normal.  She's quite accomplished both personally and professionally outside of politics, and that's different from what we have in there now on either side.  So anyway, if you haven't made your donations yet you should give some scratch to Darcy's campaign.

People like Darcy when they meet her.  She's comfortable in her own skin, which is what allows her to be funny without mucking it up.  People can see she's real.  She's smart and she's not overly cautious like many politicians.  Like Matt says, give her some money.  She will need it as the Republicans panic here in the last four weeks and start to attack wildly. 

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My name is Frank Blair and I had the pleasure of interviewing Darcy last April on our radio show Equal Time KLAY 1180 AM. The rats in the NRCC started downloading our show a couple weeks ago, and lo and behold, list US as a source for their fling-poo ads. The date of the show is 04/21/06. It is archived on our site, listen for yourself and see if YOU can make out what the hell they're claiming she said.

Our show is on from noon to 1:00 PM on Fridays. I don't think Darcy should have to lower herself to their level and defend herself against the made up crap they are spewing. I have listened to that show at least five times in the last couple days. I will respond to their idiotic claims tomorrow. BTW, I also posted a little "welcome" when I saw that they were so damn interested in that interview.

Posted by: franktheliberal | Oct 12, 2006 11:45:39 PM

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