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October 06, 2006

Dem Radio Ads on Foley Scandal

A Democratic Congressional candidate in OH-15, Mary Jo Kilroy, is running an ad on Christian radio stations in her district against her opponent, Republican House leader Deborah Pryce.  Check it out.  With changes in the name, it may well be coming to a Christian radio station near you. Here's the transcript:

ANNCR: What is going on in Washington? Our troops are sent to war without proper body armor, members of Congress like Deborah Pryce gave themselves $30,000 in pay raises while running up the largest deficit in American history.

Deborah Pryce's friend Mark Foley is caught using his position to take advantage of 16 year old pages. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert looked the other way when he was warned of Foley's predatory behavior. Deborah Pryce is one of the top Republicans in Congress. No wonder Pryce refused to criticize Hastert for ignoring the Foley problem. No wonder she won't call for Foley to resign. Now Pryce is protecting Hastert, even though he protected a sex predator?.

Republican leaders were more concerned about protecting politicians than protecting teenagers.

Deborah Pryce is part of the problem in Congress.

It's time for change.

Deborah Pryce had previously said that Mark Foley was one of her five best friends in Congress.  She also took money from him.  So, this ad may not be so effective just anywhere.  But the idea that it is running on Christian radio stations is what is so amazing to me.

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