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October 29, 2006

Getting Out The Vote: Doorbelling for Darcy

Dan has a nice piece up on the doorbelling he did yesterday for Darcy Burner.  It's at both On the Road to 2008 and DailyKos.   Here's an exerpt:

Walking a neighborhood, knocking on doors or ringing door bells, is vitally important to the effort of getting people out to vote. It is also hard work. I was given a single precinct on Mercer Island - about 4 north south roads and 3 east west intersecting roads in a hilly neighborhood. I had a list of 85 houses to cover and it took me over four hours to do so. While the good weather surely accounted for a lot of folks being out and about, a good number were home. The general feedback I received was largely positive and in support of Democratic candidates. I was wearing my Darcy Burner button, so it was clear who I was for anyone wanting to check me out through their peep hole or window. People I talked to expressed their frustration with the current Congress, and the strong need for a change, many indicating strong support for Democrats. People liked the fact Darcy wasn't backing down in her television advertising, and was hitting back when attacked. In hindsight I was pleasantly surprised that most everyone I spoke to were not bothered by my brief interruption. One lady thanked me for doing what I was doing. A small number indicated they would be voting for the Republican canidates, but that was hardly a surprise given I was on Mercer Island - I actually expected far more. If I came across a "No Soliciting" sign (and there were a few homes displaying one) I did not knock or ring a doorbell, and instead left a flyer. I also left Darcy Burner flyers at every home where there was no answer, after talking a moment to add a short note with my pen at the bottom that generally read, "Please vote on Nov. 7th for change in D.C. - Thanks!"

There are a lot of comments on the DailyKos diary that indicate that a large number of folks have been part of the incredibly important GOTV effort in the 8th.  The bloggers in particular, have been out in force.  In addition to Dan, I too was on the ground yesterday in the 8th, although in a very different part of the district.   We both saw Carl in the office, who was on the phones yesterday.  N in Seattle was on the phones on Thursday.  I've heard that Andrew is spending time on the ground.  I know Noemie walks in her area in south King.  I'm sure others are as well.   It's important work.   Here's my comment from Dan's post at DailyKos.

I too was out doorbelling for Darcy today with a friend.  The 8th District is very diverse and we took a very rural area out in the southeast of the District.

We knew we were in typically Republican territory when we saw a lot of signs for Republican down-ticket candidates and signs in favor of Initiative 933, the "property rights" initiative up for vote next week.

There were a far higher number of undecided voters and voters who had not heard of Darcy than I have been used to running into in the last month of canvassing for her in more suburban areas. 

My friend and I felt like we were part of the 50-state strategy, working to reach those folks who hadn't thought much about who they would vote for or were pretty sure they didn't like Bush's leadership but hadn't connected it to the Congressional candidates.  It was rewarding time. 

If you can manage 4 hours of time, you can walk a precinct or make a bunch of calls.  It is actually fun and a key part of taking our country back.  Email the campaign and let them know when you can help.

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