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October 30, 2006

Great Numbers

We've got a rash of great numbers today.  Majority Watch has a huge set of numbers on Congressional races across the country.  Darcy and Reichert are still in a dead heat but Darcy is up by 2 points; 49-47.  She's going to win, folks.  Reichert is under 50%.  And Peter is gaining on Cathy McMorris, 46-51.  Peter can pull this one out.  It will be down to the wire but he can do it.

And speaking of upsets, The Idaho Statesman has similar great news on the Idaho races.  In the 1st CD, Democrat Larry Grant has pulled to within 2 points of Bill Sali with a large number of undecided voters still.  It's 39-37.  That is tremendous news.  Undecideds most often break for the challenger.  Plus, Butch Otter is only leading Democratic challenger Jerry Brady by 1 point, 44-43, in the gubernatorial race.  Big possibilities.

I'm also thrilled about the latest numbers in the Virginia Senatorial race.  Three new polls have Jim Webb up over George Allen.  Gallup has it at 50-46; Rasmussen has it at 51-46; and Garin Hart Yang has it at 47-43. 

Looking good.  Nice numbers to keep all of you who are phoning and doorbelling and donating going.  Thanks for all you do. 

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