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October 16, 2006

Joe Wilson Speaks at a Burner Event

Local Dailykos diarist dgb attended a fundraiser for Darcy Burner on Saturday and wrote about it later over at DailyKos. Joe Wilson was the headliner and dgb was quite impressed. Here's an exerpt:

He gave a lot of interesting anecdotes. Somewhat recently he debated Bill Kristol (right wing pundit) and he asked Kristol if he had ever been to the Middle East. Kristol said it was an asset that he had never been there. It was clear that Wilson has a particular disdain for the neocons, because they want to turn the United States into an empire and are so blinded by ideology that they cannot be bothered with facts. He jokes that he carries wooden stakes around with him so if he meets a neocon, he can drive a stake through his heart.

Wilson talked about the times he had met Saddam. He said Saddam had a particular way of standing when you were meeting him that made it appear on camera that you were bowing to him when you shook his hand. Saddam would stand closer than normal and put his hand down very low. So the tendency is to look down to find his hand and the camera would catch you with your head down, "bowing" to Saddam. So the last time Wilson saw Saddam, he was determined not to bow down. This was after Saddam had invaded Kuwait and the Americans were leaving Baghdad. When Saddam put his hand down low as he did, Wilson stared directly at him and groped, successfully, for his hand to shake. A while later, back in the States Wilson was talking with Tom Foley (our illustrious former Washington congressman from WA-05 and House Speaker until 1994), with whom he had worked in Congress, and Foley said (paraphrasing from my memory), "You mean we had to send all of those troops over there when you could have had Saddam by the balls?"

The diary has more stories as well as Joe's plea that we take back control of Congress so we can hold this particular brand of Republicans accountable for their threats to the Constitution. Nice read. And, of course, a good time to remind you to volunteer for and/or send money to Darcy so we can hold up our end here in Washington state.

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