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October 19, 2006

Mayor Nickels and Eminent Domain in Ranier Valley

This is an excellent editorial in the PI today that I recommend everyone read on Seattle's Ranier Valley Eminent Domain plan:

Last resort simply means if you're unwilling to sell, you're gone. Just as misleading, the city emphasizes the below-average incomes and above-average poverty and crime rates that exist in Rainier Valley to justify eminent domain. But that's a smoke screen because those problems have absolutely nothing to do with many of the properties the city wants to demolish. Moreover, the city has legitimate tools for dealing with crime and poverty. It can increase police presence or fund neighborhood watch programs. It can offer tax credits for small businesses.

I'd heard nothing about this. I assume Mayor "I never met a developer I wouldn't kiss" Nickels is likely behind it. There's a cold place in hell - under his hoped for but will never be built tunnel - for this kind of crap.

And of course I933 does nothing to stop this kind of Eminent Domain - so vote no on 933.

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