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October 21, 2006

McGavick Campaign Winds Down

The McClatchy News Service is reporting this morning that McGavick will get no money from the Republican National Committee or the NSCC to air ads in the final two weeks of the campaign.  Just as they have quit trying to prop up incumbent Republican Senators Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania or Mike DeWine in Ohio, so too they are giving up on challenger Mike McGavick here. 

The national Republican strategy for holding onto the Senate is to try to build a "firewall" along the Mason-Dixon line.  The Republicans are pouring their money into Missouri to support Senator Jim Talent, into Tennessee to support Bob Corker in the seat left open by Senator Bill Frist's leaving to run for President (Ha!) and into Virginia to support Senator George Allen.  All of these men are in very tight races.  Mike McGavick is not.  He is consistently 9-10 points behind in the polls against Maria and those numbers are not moving.  Here's the article, from the PI.

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Goodbye Mike - spend your $28,000,000 severence pay in comfort. The people of Washington deserve better then your plans to catch the cheating poor. Thanks be to the Republicans for recognizing that the people of our State deserve better - make that Maria Cantwell, Thank You!
Jack smith

Posted by: jack smith | Oct 21, 2006 9:46:05 PM

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