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October 07, 2006

Newsweek: Bush at 33

A Newsweek poll out this morning has Bush's approval ratings at 33%, down from 36% in August. A mere 25% of respondents are satisfied with the direction of the country while 67% are not. Moreover, more Americans trust the Democrats over the Republicans on both values and the war on terror, up to now the only strengths of the GOP. The Newsweek article, by Marcus Mabry, indicates that the Foley scandal is making it difficult for the Republicans to put their message out and stop the slide.

The scandal’s more significant impact seems to be a widening of the yawning credibility gap developing between the President, his party and the nation.

Mabry adds:

Fully 53 percent of Americans want the Democrats to win control of Congress next month, including 10 percent of Republicans, compared to just 35 percent who want the GOP to retain power.

Other pollsters are saying similar things. Stuart Rothenberg is saying that we may have a Democratic blowout of cosmic proportions on November 7th.

Let’s forget all of the niceties and diplomatic language and cut to the obvious truth: From the White House to Capitol Hill, Republicans look inept. And that assertion is based on what Republicans are saying.

On a local note, I got word from the Goldmark campaign yesterday that their latest internal poll by the Lake Research Partners shows McMorris at 45% and Goldmark at 38%. That's within striking distance, especially given the current state of affairs. McMorris is also having difficulty with her job approval ratings. Only 37% of the likely voters in the 5th CD rated here at good or excellent while 50% gave her a fair or poor.

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