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October 21, 2006

Reichert Blows Off the AARP

The AARP, one of the largest citizen organizations in the country, sent out questionnaires to candidates around the country and then made their responses known on their website.  The AARP is very interested naturally in the different candidates' positions on issues of interest to people either retired or nearing retirement.   

Darcy Burner's positions on all the questions posed lined up quite closely with the AARP positions.  Darcy was thorough and articulate in her responses.  As for Dave Reichert - Well, we don't know.  He didn't bother to respond.  If I were an AARP member or were addressing the needs of older family members, I would be concerned with this lack of concern on Reichert's part.   

There were about a dozen questions.  Here's one that popped out at me.

Question: Will you support or oppose allowing Medicare to use its bargaining power to negotiate lower prices for needed prescription drugs? Will you support or oppose imposing an annual limit on federal Medicare spending?

AARP Response:  Medicare Part D is now helping millions of people in Medicare save money on their prescription drugs. But while those with Part D coverage are saving, the actual cost of prescription drugs continues to increase at a rate greater than general inflation. AARP believes that more must be done to bring down soaring drug costs and supports allowing Medicare to use its bargaining power to negotiate lower prescription drugs.

Proposals have been made in Congress to put an annual limit on how much money the federal government spends on the Medicare program. AARP opposes arbitrary limits on Medicare funding.

Candidate Response: Darcy Burner, Democrat:  While it has reduced drug costs for many participants, taken overall, the Medicare Part D program is a disaster. It is too confusing, too expensive, too punitive for late subscribers, and it contains intolerable coverage gaps for some (the infamous "donut hole"). All of these problems must be corrected quickly, for the benefit of both users and taxpayers. The most logical first step is to allow Medicare to use its collective purchasing power to negotiate with manufacturers for more favorable pricing. This is just good business sense. I strongly oppose arbitrary spending limits on Medicare spending; such limits are unfair and unnecessary. Our focust must be on making this program far more efficient and weeeding out waste to drive down costs.

Candidate Response: Dave Reichert, Republican: Candidate did not respond to AARP questionnaire.

And it goes on like that.  No response to questions about Social Security Reform or covering Long-term Care.  No response to questions of how to increase the number of folks covered by health care insurance.  None. 

I bet anything that Reichert responds when the National Association of Manufacturers sends out their questionnaire or the US Chamber of Commerce sends out theirs.  But not the AARP.  Take note.

Hat tip to shoephone.

Posted by Lynn Allen on October 21, 2006 at 08:14 AM in Candidate Races, Policy | Permalink


Not only did Dave Reichert blow off the AARP, he also blew off Boeing engineers and techs; probably about 20,000 employees. Dave did not respond to the written Boeing Speea questionare, and also declined to be interviewed.

Dave's actions are in contrast to Darcy Burner, who participated fully in the Boeing Speea-IFPTE candidate ranking process. Of all federal candidates in Washington State, Darcy Burner was ranked #1 on her combined written and interview responses.

One of the questions in the Newcastle forum was how the candidate would reach across the isle if elected. With the astounding number of public forums that Dave Reichert has missed, it would seem that he has no intention of listening to a cross section of 8th CD voters.

Posted by: coolaqua | Oct 22, 2006 7:46:08 PM


I'd seen your post on the Boeing Engineers Union "endorsement" of Darcy and was actually in the middle of wrapping that into my round-up, now posted when your comment came in. Nice piece.

Posted by: Lynn | Oct 22, 2006 10:55:48 PM

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