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October 24, 2006

Republicans Don't Even Get Excited

The Republicans held a rally in downtown Bellevue yesterday - with Dino Rossi, Dave Reichert, Mike McGavick, John Thune (Republican Senator from South Dakota being touted as potential presidential material), Luke Eser and Larry Ishmael (who's he?) and all of about 175 people showed up and politely clapped. Coolaqua was there to do a little opposition research, Darcy Burner buttons on show, and he was under-whelmed.

He says:

The Republican crowd was friendly and cordial.  There were however a couple of elderly ladies holding a large McGavick sign standing in front of the Naral group.  The elderly ladies were calling the Naral group "baby killers", and I had to bite my tongue because I wanted to ask them what they thought about the 658,000 IRAQI civilians killed since we invaded IRAQ. 

One of the ladies noted my Darcy Burner button, and told me that Darcy was "stupid", and a "menace to society".  I wanted to bring up the fact that when the PI interviewed Reichert and Burner, that they said it was a little confusing for them, as the one with the grasp of all the issues was Darcy Burner, not Dave Reichert.
The event itself was uneventful, and cordial.  But it lacked any heat or passion.  The event seemed more of an obligatory formality rather than a rally. 

Seems about right. They don't really have much to be excited about this year, locally or nationally. They don't stand for much. Congress isn't actually doing any of the things they say they stand for - good government, fiscal responsibility, upholding moral standards. All they do is pass laws designed to help their wealthiest contributors. Not much for most people to get excited about.

P.S. If you don't already have Coolaqua on your favorites list, he/she deserves to be.

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