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October 18, 2006

Science 1, Reichert 0

A few weeks ago, the Seattle Times reported on Dave Reichert's uncertainty about the existence of global warming.  They say:

Reichert said global warming is a "possibility" but views the science with the same sense of skepticism he held as a homicide detective for the King County Sheriff's Office.

A possibility?  Hey, dude!  Get a clue.   Reichert waffled a couple times after he was challenged on the above statement.  I don't care.  He doesn't get it.  Our representatives are going to have to make some big changes in the way we respond to global warming and fast.  We don't have time to put these guys through a 7th grade science class again. 

A week ago, DailyKos diarist, Jerome A Paris, our DailyKos expert on energy, pointed us to this:

Philip Stephens is the senior political editor of the Financial Times, the main European business paper. He appears to be extremely well connected to the current British government, and I usually see him as the "voice of the establishment" in the paper. He writes about British and European politics, as well as about big topics in the news.

In today's paper, he has an absolutely must-read column about global warming. As the column is behind the subscriber wall, I'll just quote the most important parts with my comments below. One quick quote to tempt you/

Save for the flat-earthers in George W. Bush's White House and their friends in the Exxon Mobil oil corporation, the science of the greenhouse effect is incontrovertible.

I immediately thought of Dave Reichert. 

Stephens goes on:

Global warming is different. It should change everything.


Politicians have been slower than their citizens to understand the connections.

Our new Democratic-controlled Congress has a few things to do very quickly after 6 years of disastrous governing at the national level: figuring out how to get out of Iraq and then what to do with the mess we've created there.  We have to raise the minimum wage and implement the 9/11 recommendations.  And talk to people in the rest of the world and ask forgiveness for our wretched behavior this last six years.  And do some Lessons Learned exercises about how we got into this position in the first place and how not to do it again.  (I used to wonder how we, arrogant Americans that we are, were going to have our version of a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission".  I think we're going to call it Lessons Learned.)

Then we have to tackle global warming from as many angles as we can and we need to have people there who understand the basic science and will listen to the folks who've been working on the problem and the solutions while the federal government has been diddling around. 

As Darryl says about Reichert:

Who the hell put this idiot on the House Science and Technology Committee? His anti-science stance makes him unqualified for the committee. His willingness to accept Bush’s opinion over the collective wisdom of researchers in climatology and paleoclimatology make Reichert unqualified to hold a congressional seat.

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Who the hell put this idiot on the House Science and Technology Committee?

The same idiots that put Foley in charge of the safety of children, Stevens leadership over the "internets", and various anti-environment people in charge of our nation's natural parks and natural beauty.

Posted by: Daniel K | Oct 18, 2006 11:16:55 PM

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