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October 29, 2006

Sitting on a Lot of Money

There are still a lot of state Democrats at the federal level sitting on a lot of money when it could be used by Darcy and Peter and other Democrats running in close races.  We have the possibility of taking a lot of seats this year.  The national pollsters are saying anywhere from 15-30 and possibly more.  But there is a need to counter what the Republicans will be doing this next week.  And that takes money.

Last week we nudged Norm Dicks to give some of his unused campaign money to the national and local Democrats who needed it.  This was part of "The Use It or Lose It" campaign that Chris Bowers has been pushing.  Then we, along with Goldy, gave him a big shout out for doing so.  THANKS, NORM!

When Bowers put together his program, he was very conservative in what he was asking.  He limited his requests to the 69 Democrats who either had no opposition or whose opposition had spent no more than $10,000.  Although asking outright for money is provocative to the establishment Democrats, and heaven knows, the bloggers are getting uppity and successfully challenging the Democratic status quo, it was a very logical request. 

We're going to do it one more time.  So, according to Political Money Line as of 10/18, our state Democrats are sitting on:

Patty Murray            $1,079,100
Jay Inslee (01)              798,301
Brian Baird (03)             831,402
Adam Smith (09)           437,258

Cantwell has a real race, although thankfully she seems to be pulling away, and Rick Larsen (02) is up on TV.  But the three congressional candidates listed above have no real opposition.  They only just slipped out of the box that Bowers drew.  So, maybe they'll decide to pony up in the next day or two anyway.  Or, they may have already done so and it hasn't shown up yet.  I know that Inslee, in particular, has been working hard for both Darcy and Peter.  Let us know what they've done and we'll give them a shout out as well.   Otherwise, I have to say, we'll remember.

UPDATE:  I did get word back from Jay Inslee's campaign manager about his impressive list of contributions to Democrats.  I wrote a separate post on that.

AND: I forgot to include Jim McDermott who has some money but is using his fundraising prowess to fund his own defense in the lawsuit that so critically protects all of our first amendment rights.  Information on that here.

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wow, that's huge, let's get some other bloggers talking about it

Posted by: dan | Oct 29, 2006 4:02:08 PM

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