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October 25, 2006

The Right Tries to Reshape Washington Supreme Court

Noemie at Washblog has dug into the details about Supreme Court candidate Stephen Johnson and she finds a significant threat to the future of the State Supreme Court if Johnson is elected.   As is so often true for Noemie, she has thoroughly researched this and written a three part series that is a must-read for anyone still wondering about who to vote for in that election. 

Here's what she says in the latest of her posts on the subject, the one she titles, "Stephen Johnson and BIAW Team up to Reshape Washington's Supreme Court":

The Building Industry Association of Washington State (BIAW), a key funder for Stephen Johnson's campaign for Washington Supreme Court, indicates on the front page of its web site that it supports "revenge" and a "frontal assault" on Washington State's Supreme Court.


A combination of an I-933 victory in November and the presence of even one more development-loyal judge on the Supreme Court, has a high likelihood of granting them an almost unbelievably valuable prize: a de facto repeal of many environmental and zoning restrictions on private land in Washington.  BIAW is looking to Stephen Johnson, who's voted their way 98% of the time over his entire career, to be their boy on the court.

Susan Owens may not be the most highly rated justice on the court but she is far better than what we would get if we wind up with Steve Johnson.  The voters of Washington State made the right choices in the September primary with their votes to retain Gerry Alexander and Tom Chambers.  We need to talk to people we know and make sure they vote to retain Owens this time.  The BIAW has thrown millions into this last race and it is likely to be very close.  Here are the links to her previous two posts on Johnson:

Religious Right groups omitted from Supreme Court candidate's campaign site

WA Supreme Court Candidate to 5th graders: "I'd get rid of all the Democrats"

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