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October 05, 2006

Today's Nationwide Protests

The World Can't Wait: Out of Iraq, Bush Out - that's the theme for today's protests around the country being held in response to the Torture Bill passed last week by both houses of Congress.  There is a website up with information on the protests and a Commentary by actor and writer Sean Penn.

There will be protests all over the state going into this evening.  Information here.  Here's the schedule for Seattle:

12:00 Noon--Gather at Cal Anderson Park, (on 11th Ave between E Denny and E Pine in Capitol Hill) followed by
1:00 pm--Rally with speakers and music
3:00 pm--March into downtown Seattle to the Federal Building (2nd & Marion)
4:00 pm--Rally and SIT-IN AT THE FEDERAL BUILDING--As the night unfolds, people will talk, debate, create music and art, and work together on visions and plans for driving out the Bush Regime and reversing the whole direction it has been taking the country and the world.

Here's a couple of excerpts from Penn's statement that was read in NYC on Monday entitled "The Arrogant, the Misguided, and the Cowards":

We the people of the United States have a unique opportunity. We can show each other and the world that what the Bush administration claims is their mission is not ours. And, by leading our country as a citizenry and demanding of our government an immediate end to our own military and profit investments in Iraq, display for the entire world that democracy is a government of the people.


This is an administration that advocates torture, deceives the public, spends billions of dollars on a failed war. This is an administration where in the year of Katrina, Exxon Mobil claimed the highest profit margin in the history of world business. It is an administration that belittles, demeans, deceives, and indeed kills our brothers, our sisters, our sons, and our daughters.


Stand up as an American and join World Can't Wait and those demonstrating this Thursday, October 5th.

As one who went through the Vietnam War protests several decades ago, I'm sad to see the need for this again.  And I'm stunned that the Republican war-mongers were willing to tear our country apart again to further their narrow interests but here we are.  Out to the streets.

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