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October 06, 2006

Yesterday's Protests

Notes from our two Seattle newspapers on yesterday's "The World Can't Wait" protests against the torture bills, the war in Iraq and the Bush Administration:

From the Seattle PI, "Hundreds Protest Bush Regime":

One was Linda Boyd, a Clyde Hill mom and housewife. Another was Linda Strader, a West Seattle real estate agent. Patricia Thompson, a Seattle legal assistant, turned out with her law firm.

They were among several hundred protesters who rallied all day in Seattle against President Bush on Thursday, one of about 200 coordinated demonstrations nationwide organized by World Can't Wait -- Drive Out the Bush Regime. The day began at the University of Washington, moved to 11th Avenue and Olive Way on Capitol Hill and eventually to an all-night rally in front of the federal building downtown.

Police arrested five people.

MULTIMEDIA SLIDESHOW-- View a slideshow with audio from Wednesday's protests.

And from the Seattle Times, "Administration foes step out statewide":

Scores of anti-war activists, environmentalists and high-school students marched from the University of Washington campus to Capitol Hill and then to downtown Seattle Thursday, berating President Bush for everything from his management of the Iraq war to the handling of Hurricane Katrina.

Across the state, more than 250 related demonstrations were held, including rallies in Bellingham, Everett, Tacoma, Olympia, Wenatchee and Spokane, said organizers of the National Day of Mass Resistance. They said protests also were held as far away as Switzerland and Nepal.

Hat Tip to Howie

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My friends,

Protests are great but the real question is what the administration might they do if they are given or if they make an unchallenged robbery of the House and Senate. Nov 7th "could" be our last real election. The "could" declare martial law due to the unprecedented security issues that they are aware of. They "could" make "1984" look like child's play. They "could" do any horrid thing that you can imagine and possibly more. We must admit that they have already started!

My answer is that with only one month until the elections, we only have one reasonable course of action. Stop protesting. Stop asking questions and carrying on intellectual discussions. For now, while the Democratic Party may not be the long range answer to many of our issues, the the future is NOW and for now the Democrats are our only answer. We must put our political energy and money into the Democratic Party. Contact the Party or
contact Darcy Burner or Maria Cantwell and ask them what you can do. Don't argue
with them; assume they know best what they need and do it. Contact your Union for direction. They are working with us. Campaigns like McDermott, Inslee and Adam Smith may have certain wins; they are committed to Democratic victory and will help direct you. The important thing is to be directed in this political effort for one month - minimum Internet, minimum TV, minimum personal entertainment, you will find sufficient fun in the campaigns.

I believe we are playing Poker for our country and the only chips I have to invest is one month of my energy. I don't plan to leave any chips after November 7th.

One more thing, when we win on November 7th, don't let the winners off the hook. Make it a point to keep contacting your representatives and tell what you want. They can only guess what you want if you don't tell them. We have an administration that does not care what you want. In their opinion they have a much more important agenda.

My name is Jack Smith and I approved this response. If you have any questions I can
be reached at 206-329-5514.


Posted by: jack smith | Oct 8, 2006 2:01:23 PM

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