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November 01, 2006

And Then There's Bill Sali - Arrogant SOB

McJoan at DailyKos has noted an article from IdaBlue, a blogger in Idaho, that lays out a fraud - I don't think there is any other way to see this - that Bill Sali committed in May of 1998. Bill Sali is running for Congress from Idaho (Open seat in 01) - as a Republicn, natch. Luckily, there is an excellent Democratic candidate, Larry Grant, ready to step up and take the responsibility of being in Congress seriously.

From IdaBlue:

In May, 1998, Bill Sali was in an auto accident and subsequently sued for damages. I post below excerpts from various documents filed in that lawsuit. Most, if not all, of this info was reported by Dan Popkey in 2000, and led to the infamous Sali statements about having "brain fade" and "Much of the time in the legislature critical thinking skills are not necessarily needed."...

Sali alleged various injuries from the accident in addition to the closed head injury, which is another way of saying brain damage. Sali said that he suffered low back and left leg pain, weakness and loss of coordination of his left arm and leg, and more. He reported to his doctor in June 1999 that he experienced stuttering, poor sleep, difficulty concentrating, and slow thought processes. He said he felt like there was a tight band around his brain, and as if his face was sagging. The doctor considered psychomototor retardation and reactive depression. The doc also wrote that Sali had been making some progress in therapy, but "His therapist notes some inconsistencies in his lower limb weakness...". Sali tried various modalities, including Paxil, Zoloft, Acupuncture, and Ritalin.
As more doctors examined Sali, they learned more and doubts began to emerge. It appeared that Sali was exaggerating in an effort to pump up damages.

After months of treatment, requests by Sali for a variety of treatments and actions by his doctors, his physician withdrew from the case, writing

I have spoken with Dr. Beaver and the Brain Injury team coordinator at the Elks, Kath Smith. In a recent staffing meeting, several inconsistencies were discussed. These included inability to perform certain physical maneuvers while being obviously observed, but the patient was able to perform the same naeuvers freely when he though[t] he was not being observed. I have found inconsistencies in my own interviews and examinations, and Dr. Beaver feels that there are also inconsistencies. He feels that the clinical course does not suggest a brain injury.

I am very concerned about being used in appropriately to help this man build a large settlement case, and I do not wish to provide further medical care because of this. [Emphasis McJoan's.]

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Hey, what's a little insurance fraud among (Republican) friends?

I love this guy: Either he's scammed the insurance company, or he's got serious brain damage. Maybe both, which would make him the perfect Republican Congressman.

Posted by: Charles L. Smith | Nov 2, 2006 11:02:01 AM

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