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November 06, 2006

I don't trust Lieberman to caucus with Democrats

While I am optimistic Democrats will overcome vote fraud to win back the House tomorrow, I am less optimistic about the Senate. I believe we might add six seats but I just don't trust Lieberman to caucus with the Democrats, at least certainly not on issues related to Bush/Iraq/torture:

Kos writes:

There will be a full accounting after the election. Whether he wins or loses is irrelevant. Democrats made a choice between the grassroots/netroots and Joe Lieberman. That choice will haunt them for a long, long time.

Don't be surprised if Lieberman makes a big announcement on Wednesday clarifying where his loyalties lie - it's not like he's been unclear that he supports Bush/Cheney on many issues. Let's hope Connecticut voters stamp out Joe and vote for Ned Lamont.

Meanwhile, pundits shouldn't ignore the Lieberman wildcard when it comes to Democratic control over the Senate.

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Posted by Jeff on November 6, 2006 at 11:27 AM in Candidate Races | Permalink


Joe Liebermann has a lifetime rating of 17 from the American Conservatives Union, with 0 being very liberal and 100 very conservative. Just as it's easy for Republicans to forget that McCain really is a conservative because his maverick positions piss them off, it's easy for us to forget that Liebermann is a liberal with (stupid) maverick positions. I'm not worried about him refusing to caucus with the Democrats at all. Yes, he'll continue to vote with Bush on certain issues, that's nothing new. He will also continue to vote Reid for leader.

Posted by: Nathan E. | Nov 6, 2006 4:41:49 PM

I think it hinges on whether the Dems take 6 seats for a tie, or 7 to win the Senate majority.
If it's tie I expect Lieberman, narcissist that he is, to preen and wait for each side to beg him to be their dance partner. He wants to prove he is indispensable, and may very well caucus with Repugs in the case of a tie. If it's a 51-seat Majority for Dems, though, he will caucus with the Dems.

The burning question: What decision will Reid make with regard to Lieberman's seniority?

Oh, and wouldn't it be a lovely 110th Congress if Ned beats Lieberman after all??? Crossing fingers, toes, arms, legs....

Posted by: shoephone | Nov 6, 2006 9:43:18 PM

I hate Lieberman, but he's not an idiot.

With him, we have 51 seats, control of the Senate, and he's assured of translating his seniority into control of at least one major committee.

Without him, it becomes a 50-50 tie, and a war of nerves begins as committee posts are parceled out. No matter what the GOP has told Lieberman, if he were to switch parties, the Dems would make it clear that Lieberman in charge of any committee would be a no-go, because of the level of betrayal involved.

He'll still undercut us on the talk shows, but we'll have a lot more control over events in the Senate than a few days ago.

Maybe we need to have brunch with Olympia Snowe... ;-)

Posted by: palamedes | Nov 8, 2006 1:44:02 PM

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