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November 23, 2006

I was going to say Happy Turkey Day, but...

...Lynn beat me to it.  Not that that will stop me from smiling over all we have to be thankful for on this particular Thanksgiving.

But what I'm really posting about today is a sad anniversary that wasn't previously mentioned here.  I refer, of course, to yesterday -- November 22.  For those of us old enough to recall that horrid Friday in 1963, it was a world-changing event.  It truly marked a breakpoint in our history.  On that day, at exactly the moment a bullet destroyed the brain of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, we were instantaneously transformed from a "post-WWII" world to the world we still live in today.  The assassination, in my opinion, was truly the first day of "the '60s".

In previous years, I outlined my recollections of that day and expounded on the transformations it engendered on my own blog.  This year, my Peace Tree Farm entry on the anniversary of the assassination deals less with the event itself than with Kennedy's age -- he was only 46 when he died -- as well as the age-at-inauguration of other Presidents.  Until I researched it, I had no idea that nearly one-fifth of our 43 Presidents hadn't yet reached their 50th birthdays on the day they took the oath of office, and that of those eight men only Theodore Roosevelt wasn't elected at that tender age (then again, TR was re-elected at 46 and left office when he was 50).

I chose that particular angle because of the recent cattish speculation in the media and the punditocracy about the callow youth that is Barack Obama.  Why, he's so young that, if he were elected President in 2008, when he raised his right hand for the oath of office on January 20, 2009 he'd be older than Kennedy was when he died.  There are plenty of valid and meaningful arguments against an Obama-in-2008 campaign, but his age is decidedly not one of them.

That said, I return to today, and wish all readers of Evergreen Politics a happy, healthy, and delicious Thanksgiving!

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