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November 22, 2006

Pelosi to Work House Members

New Speaker, new rules, more work to get done for the people.  In a departure, the House will convene on January 4th, as usual, but then they will stay around to get some work done.  Usually they go home until later in the month when the President delivers his State of the Union address.  This time, the focus will be on the Dems and their agenda, not on him.  Cool.

Marc Sandalow, writing on a SF Chronicle blog, has the news. 

Pelosi's team apparently figures there's no reason to allow President Bush to set the agenda in January by leaking bits of his speech. Instead the Democratic Congress will immediately plunge into its lengthy to-do list, starting with an ethics reform package, and perhaps have some bills on Bush's desk by the time the State of the Union is ready for delivery.

"From economic security to national security, the American people have resoundingly called for a new direction,'' Pelosi said in a just-released statement. "It is imperative that we waste no time in addressing the pressing needs facing our nation.''

I'm pretty confident we are going to be really proud of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and our Democrats this session.  And it's a good thing too.  We need more like them in 2008.

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