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November 02, 2006

Political Ad Round-up

These last Democratic ads are powerful. The changing technology favors creativity and the Democrats are full of that this year. It sure looks to me like the Democrats are through that devastating, decade-long "deer in the headlights" phase that was so detrimental to the nation. Here's the round-up of great ads in key races from the last few days:

I truly like James Webb. I'm guessing this man, rather than that nasty George Allen or the suave Mark Warner, will be the next Virginian to run for President. Take a look.

Here's an ad put out by the very clever VoteVets group, with General Wesley Clark narrating. This ad is meant to innoculate the voters from whatever nonsense the Republicans through out there this weekend. Perfect.

Another favorite, Jon Tester, is just a guy you want to go up and hug. He is going to be a great Senator.

The DCCC has a good, "remember Iraq" up in the close House races.

And Ned, what can we say about this race? At least he's still got good ads, even if the poll numbers don't look so good. This one is hilarious, even if it makes a part of you cry to think the guy portrayed in the ad is likely to continue to represent Connecticut. Tell me again why it is that Republicans are selecting the Democratic (?) Senator from Connecticut?

Saved the best for last. It's a good ad of itself and may well be one of the best "remember Iraq" ads. But this guy, Jim Pederson, is winning amongst the 30% of voters who've already cast their ballots in the Arizona Senate race. This may be the sleeper win of this election.

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