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November 22, 2006

Speaking of Strategy

Ezra Klein, writing at the American Prospect, has a list of items that will both help the country and "strengthen, expand and empower their coalition".  The Democrats have not typically been good at in the past at this kind of strategic thinking but heh, it's a new day and it looks like Democrats are learning.  Here's the short version of Ezra's list in the article entitled "How the Democrats can do good and help their friends":

1. Helping Unions

Pass the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA),which would introduce card check, allowing unionization to occur as soon as a majority of the workforce signed cards calling for a union. "It would radically increase the penalties on illegal union-busting techniques, and provide new avenues for mediation and arbitration of organizing disputes. The end result would be that more of the 57 million Americans who say they would like to join a union would be able to do so.

2. Voting Reform

Several good possibilities, including ensuring adequate supplies of voting machines, same-day voter registration, creating a voting holiday.  If these go well, Congress could go for felon re-enfranchisement.

3. Campaign Finance Reform

The best option is full public-financing as David Sirota calls for. 

4. Immigration Reform

The key is comprehensive immigration reform that provides a path to citizenship.  With both Bush and McCain on board, there's a chance to bring on a lot of voters predisposed to vote Democratic.


"Pay-as-you-go is a proposed budgetary law that requires changes in either revenues or spending to be balanced in the budget; it would, some suggest, end this era of irresponsible tax cuts and budgetary demagoguery."

Ezra says about these and other possibilities:

If Democrats truly believe their political success benefits the majority of Americans, it's time they took ensuring their coalition's health and expanding its size as policy imperatives. All these proposals would help do that -- and would increase political participation and empower oft-marginalized voices. Call it Rovian altruism. Call it good politics.

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I love the words, but I desperately crate the underlying actions. ... jack

Posted by: jack smith | Nov 25, 2006 9:14:22 AM

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