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November 08, 2006

Sweet Victory

Democratic wins are huge around the country.  Here's the big picture in brief:

  • The Democrats have a minimum of 30 new seats, making Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House and putting a passel of long-time Democratic stalwarts like Norm Dicks into key committee chair positions (that lead is likely to grow as the last 5 seats, Darcy's included, are finalized)
  • The Democrats are likely to get nominal control of the Senate (with Joe Lieberman as #51, it's dicey no question)
  • The Republicans did not pickup one single House, Senate or Governor's seat in the entire nation, unprecedented
  • Many of the worst Republican behavior and policy problem folks were defeated, thinking Curt Weldon in PA, John Sweeney in NY, and Richard Pombo in CA
  • Three important initiatives nationwide went the right way - the nasty anti-abortion bill in South Dakota and a bill that would have made gay marriage in Arizona unconstitutional were defeated handily and Missouri passed a bill supporting stem cell research
  • The blogs and the netroots, in support of Howard Dean's 50-state strategy, had a tremendous impact on the outcome

Northwest voters came through like troopers.  Again, the picture in brief:

  • Maria creamed McGavick statewide
  • The last of the BIAW-funded State Supreme Court candidates, Steve Johnson, went down to defeat (and somebody ought to be thinking about how we recognize Jenny Durkan for this one)
  • The initiatives in Washington State all went the right way easily - 920 and 933 went down and 937 passed
  • Democrats picked up 5-6 Senate seats in Washington State and at least that many House seats, giving us close to a super-majority
  • The Oregon House appears to have gone blue and Karen Minnis, Republican Majority Leader, may have lost
  • A slew of conservative initiatives failed in Oregon
  • The Idaho House picked up a few Democratic seats and it's possible that Larry Grant may still pull ID-01 out
  • Seattle voters passed the transportation levy and restricted taxpayers sports subsidies
  • Eastside voters are increasingly active in turning their part of the suburban crescent blue

We won't know about Darcy's race for awhile.  And Peter ran up against a despicable last minute Republican, nasty-tactics machine although it looks like he would have lost anyway.  I truly don't think we could have found better candidates and I hope that Peter stays with it (and Darcy if need be) and that we can all continue to dialog with the voters in the red, and especially rural counties, of Washington State and move them in a bluer direction over time. 

We have only begun to take our nation back.  I trust the Democrats at both the national and state level to make good use of this historic opportunity to clarify why we need Democrats in the majority for the next generation or two.  It's up to us to cover their backs, to continue to learn more about those issues and areas of public reach, i.e. the Port, the School Board, state issues, that we don't pay sufficient attention to, and to keep our elected Democrats on a pragmatic, progressive track.  It is also up to us to stay involved and be in dialog with folks from more rural areas of our state and region and country.    

Lastly, here's a song to celebrate by, compliments of Christy Hardin Smith at Firedoglake.

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Very nice summary, giving depth to our new world here. Who is Jenny Durkan?

Posted by: Noemie Maxwell | Nov 8, 2006 4:05:45 PM

Jenny Durkan is an attorney in Seattle, known most recently for her excellent representation of Chris Gregoire's re-count battle with Rossi two years ago.

She's also the daughter of the late Martin Durkan, a long-time political force in WA State politics.

Posted by: shoephone | Nov 8, 2006 5:58:25 PM

Durkan also was co-chair and the spark-plug of Citizens to Uphold the Constitution, the group that geared up to support our moderate Supreme Court justices. They obviously did a magnificent job.

Posted by: Lynn | Nov 8, 2006 6:56:36 PM

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