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November 09, 2006

Thank You, Darcy

I have watched Darcy as a candidate since last fall.  I watched her negotiate a lovely understanding with Randy Gordon, the other early and similarly likeable candidate. They had talked early in the year and decided on some one or more criteria that would clarify which of them had the better chance to win.   Whatever that criteria was, Darcy came out of the discussion(s) the sole candidate.  I suspect it was related to Darcy being disciplined and willing to make calls six hours a day.  Two other contenders walked away a couple months later. 

I supported her actively since Andrew invited her to come and talk with us at the Bloggers’ Conference in Janauary.  First, we were pretty impressed that she knew enough to come and meet us and introduce herself and take our many questions and suggestions.  Then, we liked what she had to say, about how she saw the country going, about her background and what that meant about her, about her picture of the world and her ideas about how government ought to operate.  She was open and straight-forward and funny and personable.  She was clearly disciplined and gutsy and smart and she would give it everything she had.

The more I saw of Darcy, the more I liked her.  I could also see the impact she had on people.  At the Crab-fest in late February at St. Martin’s College, the crowd of Democratic Party PCO’s and Central Committee folk were wowed by Darcy.   I saw that happen again and again over the course of the campaign. She came to Drinking Liberally a couple times. 

I’ve hung around candidates and then Congressmen and women for over a dozen years, most of that time in California.  I’ve given them money when I had it and supported them because it just has mattered to me that we get better folks in Congress, folks who reflected a picture of the world a whole lot closer to mine.

So I have a basis for comparison.  Darcy is special and this year has been special, partly because courageous people like Darcy and Peter and Richard have left their cozy lives and taken on the very large task of running for Congress. 

I could see that Darcy had something we desperately needed and wanted and that was why we so wanted her to win.  She had a certainty that this country could be made right and an ability to communicate that certainty to all of us.

It has been an honor to be a minor part of her campaign because it has been a treasure to get to talk to people about her; it never failed to give people hope about our country.  That was true when I talked with friends or knocked on doorbells to talk with people in her district. I was able to tell them about a very bright, very committed young woman who wanted to change the direction of this country and was doing everything she knew to win this race. 

In the last couple days since the election, we have shaken off our numbness and regained a small picture of hope as we absorb the implications of what we’ve done and think about what sane government might look like now. 

I thank you, Darcy, for holding that hope for us early and for never, ever giving up on it.  Of course I hope that you do go on to become the incredible Congresswoman I know you could be.  But either way, I thank you for making this race.

Here’s a video-clip of Darcy at her election night party coming into a huge room of supporters, sharing her son with us for a few moments and then talking with us about how close the race was.  Take a peek.  It’s very precious.

Hat tip to Dan at On the Road to 2008.

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