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November 03, 2006

We Need Darcy in Congress

As you have undoubtedly noticed, I am passionate about doing whatever I can do to get Darcy elected; I write about her and about her opponent, I doorbell for Darcy, I ask friends and readers for donations and volunteer time. I am convinced that this country is ready for change and that Darcy is one of the leaders who will help make the changes that we need.

Initially my motivation was very simple. We need a minimum of 15 Congressional seats to change from Republican to Democratic in order to take over the House and begin to hold this President accountable for his actions. WA-08 is one of the seats on anyone’s list of possible turnovers. For at least a year I’ve been saying that our job in the Northwest is to take this seat to retake the House for the Democrats.

A Time of Quickening

But then, as the election approached, it has become apparent that we have a breeze at our back. The breeze is the people deciding they want their country back.

The electorate has become engaged in talking about the issues of our day – How are we going to get our troops out of Iraq with some kind of honor for our troops and for us? How are we going to deal with rising fuel prices and with global warming? How are we going to rebuild our relationships in the world? How will we be able to take care of our families? How do we fix this broken healthcare system?

The electorate has been having a conversation with the Democratic electeds, facilitated by both the national and the local bloggers plus the journalist/bloggers.

Out of that conversation has come a wave of support for the Democrats. In late summer, we began to think we might get Goldmark and/or Grant as well. Wow! If these two are in consideration, along with a huge number of other Democrats around the country that didn’t look possible six months ago, we might take the House with a 20-30 person margin.

Then in the last week or so, we see that the Senate is within reach. This is huge. We are going to have a Democratic House at the minimum. Republican scandals provide us that. But increasingly, it looks like we may have a large margin in the House and a working margin in the Senate. That would mean an ability to get to work on some solutions quickly without too much nonsense from the Republicans.

Put some good bills on energy independence and restoring student loans and increasing the minimum wage and providing for veterans in front of Bush. I suspect he will find it refreshing to actually do something that makes people happy and, may, just may, hold off the worst of the investigations into his administration.

I know. I’m an optimist.

Darcy – Prepared for a Time of Transition, a Time of Transformation

As Darcy says often, and has said from the beginning of her campaign, this country has to go in a different direction. That is what the voters are telling us.

And this is what Darcy is supremely qualified for. The experiences of her life have prepared her for the tasks to come. She grew up in a hard-working, working class family. Her Dad was in the military and then was a teacher. Her family is still working class. She has a brother serving in Iraq right now. She worked hard and well all through Junior High and High School in the Civil Air Patrol, learning how to work with other people young and old.

She got admitted to Harvard. Damn! How smart do you have to be in High School to get admitted to Harvard on a scholarship? She received degrees in Computer Science and Economics. Since then she’s been working in the high-tech field and rose to become a Group Manager at Microsoft, a position in which she had responsibility for changing the way software is built. She was very successful at it.

I spent 18 years working as a consultant and training in some of the biggest high-tech companies in the country, along with manufacturing companies and just-recently deregulated industries, the whole gamut.

The people who rose to the level of managing large groups of people in the fast-moving high-tech industry had to know how to pull people together into a team to focus on getting a lot of work done quickly. They had to be able to manage a complex budget. They had to know how to assess the marketplace, assess the client’s needs and understand the level of change that a client could absorb. They had to be comfortable talking with people at every level of the organization and recognizing that folks at every level had contributions to make. They had to coach the people who worked for them to get them to do their best. They had to set an example of the type of behavior they expected from others.

On top of that, she has a year of studying Constitutional Law under her belt. She deliberately spent a year studying law at the University of Washington, getting straight A’s in the process, in order to be prepared for the job ahead.

Darcy In-Depth

When you listen to her talk when she has room to roam past the usual stump speech, it is awesome. I listened to Monday’s KUOW conversation with Steve Sher two times. It was fascinating. Darcy is a wonk in a very personable package.

She has made it her business to learn the specifics of what is occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan and to work through how the United States needs to proceed to extricate ourselves from that quagmire in an honorable manner.

She has made it her business to listen to what working people need government to do to make their lives easier, including cutting taxes, providing better transportation and energy choices, better and cheaper healthcare, and more education and job opportunities.

She has made it her business to understand the economics of the businesses in the 8th district. She has an unshakable faith in the power of technology to help us transition into the future. She knows about the impacts of globalization on different industries. She knows what it is that the high-tech companies in the 8th district actually do.

Perhaps more importantly, Darcy is principled. She expects Congress to act in a principled manner and to do what is right for the American people and for the people in the world, like the Iraqis and Afghanis, whom we have impacted.

The experiences that Darcy has and the talents and skills and knowledge and curiosity that she brings to the job are exactly the what we will need in this next Congress. Can you imagine that Dave Reichert could really contribute much to this discussion? Or bring people together around issues of technology and science or education or the war on Iraq? Dream on. Plus, he will be stuck in the minority. He would be next to useless.

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Amen sister. I been in Mina's (425) 454-0622) area on the
phones. I've been here since God knows when and I'm not
coming back to Seattle until I bring home Darcy winner on
Tuesday. Stop by and say Hello.

I'm working on the Victory song. To the tune of Davy Crockett:

"Darcy, Darcy Burner, WaRep of the 8th District"

I'm open to any additions.


Posted by: Jack smith | Nov 4, 2006 7:37:00 PM


I'm from Pennsylvania. I've never been to Washington State, so I can't really be an expert on its political scene.

Anyhow, I'm covering competitive U.S. House campaigns for BNN, throughout the nation. Accordingly, I identified the 5th and 8th CDs and wrote stories about them. The one on the Burner/Reichert contest is linked above.

I always welcome comments/reactions, and I try to be as objective as possible.


Posted by: Craig Dimitri | Nov 4, 2006 10:34:08 PM

Correction- I'm not familiar with this particular blog. To read my story on the Burner/Reichert campaign, you have to click on my name, below. Also-

You can read all of my swing district stories (including the 8th CD as well), by cut/pasting this link:


Questions? Comments? Information? You can contact Craig Dimitri at cdimitri1@yahoo.com.

Posted by: Craig Dimitri | Nov 4, 2006 10:39:15 PM

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