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December 15, 2006

A Shout-out of Thanks to Our Congresscritters

A few days ago, Adam B had an a link on a front-page article at DailyKos to a chart that listed what the Democratic Congresscritters gave or raised for several of the national Democratic organizations working to elect Democrats to the House this last year, 2005-2006.  The organizations included the DCCC, the Red to Blue program and the Frontline program.   Here are the totals of what our incumbent Democratic Congresscritters contributed through these programs in the 2005-2006 season:

As of 12/12/06                           

                        Gave or Raised///Cash on Hand

Norm Dicks          $778,200        ($404,734)
Jim McDermott        49,000           331,448       
Jay Inslee              991,567          (146,536)
Rick Larsen             75,500           302,992
Adam Smith          680,500          (224,372)
Brian Baird            311,775           598,678

By and large, they came through like champs (and there are other ways small amounts of money could be transferred so this may not include everything they gave).   McDermott was constrained by his need to pay for his court cases and Larsen had a reasonable race on his hands, so both of them were not able to be so generous.  But three of the others, Norm Dicks, Jay Inslee, and Adam Smith gave very generously, and all three were in the red as a result.   Brian Baird was quite helpful as well, although not nearly as generous.  Next time he's on my list of folks to call.   

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