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December 24, 2006

Bah, humbug!

As anyone who grew up anyplace that actually gets winter storms knows, when you get big storms, trees come down.  When trees come down, so do power lines.  When lots of trees come down, it sometimes takes a while for the power to come back on, because the power crews are busier than Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

That is not so much fun, if you're one of the people with your power off.  But it doesn't (necessarily) mean someone screwed up.  It's not automatically cause for an endless round of recriminations and investigations.  Or worse, endless whining, endlessly amplified by the bored and lazy media.

I would prefer to see our elected officials dealing with important issues like transportation, global warming and getting toxic chemicals out of our bodies and our environment. Not playing pin the blame on the bureaucrat.

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