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December 14, 2006

Fascinating Proposal for Iraq

Jerome a Paris put up a diary on DailyKos a couple of days ago highlighting an idea put forth by a fellow ex-pat, David Sinclair, which was also posted on European Tribune.  It is an innovative way to think about getting out of the situation in Iraq without getting whupped and by being of real assistance to the Iraqi people.  Here's the core of the summary:

Remove American troops from Iraqi cities, as requested by the Iraqi people, by Iraqi leaders, by the American military, and now by Donald Rumsfeld. Our soldiers will no longer have the horrendous task of trying to police a people the do not know or understand. The Iraqi people will no longer wake up to the sight of an occupying infidel army on their street. 

America reassumes direct responsibility for protecting the Iraqi oil, preventing further sectarian fighting over it and eliminating a primary cause for civil war. We have previously shown benign neglect for the Iraqi oil and passed the responsibility to the British. They outsourced it to a British security company. In 2004 it hired a paramilitary Oil Protection Force controlled by Sunnis.  Shiites retaliated by infiltrating the OPF in 2005 and killing began.  Further sectarian fighting for the oil can be stopped and high security provided for oil production by redeploying about 20% of American troops to the "Enclave": an isolated, easily defended, desert area next to the Kuwait border and the Persian Gulf that produces 71% of the oil and controls most exports.  American soldiers will defend the perimeters of the Enclave, form Quick Reaction Forces, and man a powerful base providing air support throughout Iraq. They will be doing important work suited for their abilities, training, and equipment. We do deserts!

Under strict international scrutiny, all profits are returned to the Iraqi people, paying directly for the army and distributing the rest equally to the 275 constituencies of proportionally elected members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives. Therefore, the oil profits and the resulting power are partitioned fairly among the competing factions (to avoid civil war) without splitting the country (to avoid regional war).

He went on to make the specific arguments as to why this might work.  Among other things, it could well appeal to both Republicans and Democrats here, mighty important for success there.

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If you believe, as I do, that the goal of our Iraqi invasion was predicated on CONTROLLING the oil then you have to wonder why we didn't have enough troops in place for protecting the fields and the refineries in the first place.

Even as the administration played a shell game of hiding behind the falsehoods of WMD, it was ultimately the inexperience and incompetence of the neocons' long-term planning that betrayed them. It would be a ludible action for our troops to now protect the oil for the purpose of returning all the profits to the Iraqis, but then you would have to accept the false premise that we invaded for honorable reasons.

The only way we get a different course is to get different leadership. Maybe the new Democratic Congress can lead the People, but I'm not so sure they can influence a president as stubborn, paranoid, hostile and dishonest as this one.
Still, we can always hope, continue to call our congresspeople and hold their feet to the fire.
I do spend a lot of time on the phone these days.

Posted by: shoephone | Dec 14, 2006 10:11:17 PM

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