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December 19, 2006

"If only they'd all been honest from the beginning..."

No, I'm not talking about the Bush Administration.

I'm quoting David Sucher,who makes a great observation:

Wait until the City Council decides to put the surface/transit option on the ballot because it is scared (with good reason) that otherwise the Rebuild will win. The Governor will freak and will see how idiotic her decision was.

If only they had all been honest from the beginning they wouldn't be left with only two very bad choices. They with held information about the retrofit and surface options to stack the deck in favor of the tunnel - but now it may backfire.
In order to make good public policy decisions, one must consider all the options, all the facts, fairly and without prejudice.  It is clear that everyone who has approached the Viaduct thus far has done it with strongly preconceived notions and wishful thinking, and that has prevented an open, honest discussion about a critical decision for our city's future. 

I am sure I am not alone in feeling that this whole process is in the midst of failing us terribly.  But I have a feeling that it's the Mayor and City Council who are going to end up taking most of the blame in the end.

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Btw, another thing greatly concerns me about Gregoire's confused and feckless "decision" about the Viaduct is totally partisan. Her action provides an enormous opening for the Republicans to offer a systemic (and not unfair) critique of Democratic management. After all, here we are -- a full six years after the Nisqually Quake created a (supposed) emergency. Yet an entirely Democratic government (local, state and federal) has been unable to come up with a reasonable and affordable solution. The Democratic establishment has stumbled along as if the D in Democrat stands for "Dither." Lawsuits and years of political rancor among Democrats loom before us. I suspect that Mr. Rossi has noticed and if he has any brains will hammer Gregoire with her undecision decision.

Posted by: David Sucher | Dec 20, 2006 7:22:44 AM

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