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December 04, 2006

Nail, Head, Goldy

Goldy asks (rhetorically): why are Republicans getting their asses hats handed to them in the fast-urbanizing suburbs of Seattle?  Maybe,um, because they don't like government.

Suburban Republicans are losing elections because suburban voters simply don’t trust Republicans to run a government they clearly profess to despise.... The problem with education? Those greedy teachers and corrupt, incompetent administrators. Transportation? Self-aggrandizing government officials, wasteful civil servants, and self-serving special interests. Crime? Liberal judges who care more about the rights of criminals than the rights of victims. Even when it comes to social issues Republicans have adopted the rhetoric of blame. The gay civil rights bill wasn’t about a class of people demanding the same legal protections as everybody else, it was about a bunch of perverts seeking to impose their disgusting lifestyle on the rest on us.

Meanwhile, at the same time Republicans are putting so much time and effort into maligning government as incompetent, inefficient, and sometimes, downright immoral, suburban voters enjoy the benefits of a functioning local government everyday. They love their schools, their libraries, their parks, their police and their firefighters, and they consistently choose to tax themselves to improve these services. Thus the main problem for suburban Republicans is that the reality of suburban life simply doesn’t match the bulk of Republican rhetoric.

Of course, with both the State House and Senate solidly Democratic, not to mention a competent and popular Governor, being a Republican in Washington just isn't much fun these days.  So who can begrudge them a little grumbling?

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