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December 16, 2006

What Part of "NO" Don't You Understand?

What gives?  We just had an election and the voters clearly said they want us to withdraw from Iraq, not helter-skelter, but definitely draw down forces, doing our best not to destabilize the region.  And the polls back that up.  So, what the heck is the President doing calling for more troops to go in?  And why, oh why, is John McCain, along with a few others, calling for the same thing? 

But we are beginning to hear some sanity.  Governor Bill Richardson, weighing a run for the the Presidency in New Hampshire this weekend, called McCain out, saying the last thing we need is to send more soldiers over.  Good on him. 

Active US military personnel have started speaking up as well.  The Nation magazine is reporting that nearly 1,000 soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen, mostly active-duty and including dozens of officers, have signed an Appeal for Redress.  They will be petitioning Congress to withdraw American troops from Iraq.  This is huge.  The last time it happened was in 1969, when 1,300 active-duty military folks signed an open letter in the NYT opposing the war in Vietnam. 

It is starting again to feel a lot like the late 60's.  Get strapped in.  I think we're in for a bumpy ride.

UPDATE:  Add Powell to the folks saying more troops is not the answer.

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