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January 13, 2007

A Senator For All of Us

Senator Jim Webb, speaking at the first hearing of the year on the Senate Armed Services Committee, which he now sits on, said:

There's really nothing that's occurred since the invasion and occupation that was not predictable and in fact, most of it was predicted.  It was predicted in many cases by people with long backgrounds in national security...and in many cases there were people who saw their military careers destroyed and who were personally demeaned by people who opposed them on the issues, including members of this administration.  And they are people in my judgement, who will be remembered in history as having had a moral conscience.

He was speaking in reference to Senator John McCain's comments about the consequences of pulling out of Iraq and leaving a strengthened Iran and a strong jihadist network.  DailyKos front-pager BarbinMD transcribed the conversation off C-Span.  Prior to that, he had also taken Senator Lindsey Graham to task for a series of questions he asked of General Peter Pace that implied 1) that anyone disagreeing with the President's position was traitorous and 2) that people were serving in the military to provide for the security of their children and grandchildren. 

And this was in the first minute of his first hearing on that Committee, I'm guessing the first time he spoke officially in the Senate.  Webb's presence in the Senate is likely to change how that body functions.  His absolute integrity and fearlessness is likely to impact both the Republican and the Democrats.  This will be very interesting to follow.

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I'm very excited that Webb won, he's a true advocate for the middle class and is very vocal about it. I only wish that Washington State had a Senator as direct as Webb.

Posted by: coolaqua | Jan 14, 2007 7:52:11 PM

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