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January 05, 2007

Clean Elections Forum at Seattle Town Hall

Reminder: David Sirota will be talking this evening at Town Hall, along with a panel of Washington State Senators and Representatives.  The event, along with others the last few days in other locations, is sponsored by Washington Campaign Finance. 

This is a very exciting opportunity to learn about the details of how public financing has worked in Maine and Arizona, the states where it has been tried and is working very successfully and about how we might get it passed in Washington State.  This could be the year, folks!  Learn about how to help make it so.

Seattle Town Hall 
8th & Seneca - 7:30 pm

    David Sirota
    Rep. Linda Valentino
    Sen. Ed Ableser
    Rep. Mark Miloscia
    Sen. Jim Kastama
    Sen. Eric Oemig
    Rep. Shay Schual-Berke

Emcee'd by:  Ken Alhadeff

Cost: $5.

There are still two forums to come at other locations, both on the 6th.  One is in Tacoma, the other in Olympia.  Go over the fold for details.

TACOMA Clean Elections Forum
Saturday, January 6th - 11 a.m
Tacoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation,
1115 S. 56th Street, Tacoma
Info: Susan Eidenschink, susaneiden@juno.com, 253-572-9305

OLYMPIA Clean Elections Forum
Saturday, January 6th - 3 p.m. Reception:  3:30 p.m. Program.
The Olympia Center
222 Columbia Street N., Olympia
Info: Chris Stegman, chris.stegman@comcast.net, 360-705-3528

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