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January 30, 2007

Day Five - It's Getting Interesting in LibbyLand

This was Judy Miller day.  Libby's Defense Team lawyer, Bill Jeffress appeared intent on disqualifying Miller's rather damning testimony earlier to Fitzgerald.  Miller had talked about the June 23rd meeting when she met with a very agitated Scooter Libby who told her about Wilson and his article and told her that Wilson's wife worked at the "Bureau".  In the initial questioning by Fitzgerald, which had been crisp and clear, Miller appeared very confident.  Under Jeffress' questioning, she became agitated herself, according to our observers in the courtroom.  Her memory of this conversation on June 23rd was one she did not tell the Grand Jury about the first time she testified.  Then she went back and found notes of the conversation.  Judy said she had a "note triggered" memory.   

There were some "sidebars" between the lawyers that remained unresolved, concerning the extent of the questioning that Jeffress would be allowed with Miller.  Judge Walton will make a judgment in the morning prior to the last of the questioning of Miller.  Then comes Mike Cooper of Time Magazine. 

Prior to Miller's time in the courtroom, David Addington had been on the stand for quite a while as the defense introduced two hours worth of evidence, probably in the hopes that introducing them through Addington will be better for Libby than waiting to introduce them when Libby in testifying later.  Initially it did not look like there was much happening but later in the video-clip, Jeralyn and Marcy talked about the possibility that Addington had introduced the possibility that Bush was the one that had requested that Cheney have Libby go after Wilson.  On the things we may be on the verge of learning through this trial!

Another Video-Clip from Jeralyn and Marcy

David Addington, 2

David Addington, 3

David Addington, 4

MW - Judy Miller, 1

MW - Judy Miller, 2

MW - Judy Miller, 3

CHS - The Public's Dilemna

CHS - Lights, Camera (Judy Enters the Building)

JM - Judy Miller's Note Triggered Memories

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