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January 23, 2007

Day One of the Libby Trial

The folks over at Firedoglake are blogging and vlogging the Libby Trial.  Getting to hear Chrisy Hardin Smith and Marcy Wheeler live-blog and then analyze the trial real-time is sensational.   I recommend this YouTube done by and for PoliticsTV for the short, sweet recap of the day's events - which I'm guessing we'll get every day.  Wow!  Highlights from today - the Vice President himself directed the campaign against Wilson.  The big news - It looks like Libby's team is throwing Karl Rove under the bus.  Evidently from their point of view, Rove was trying to set Libby up to take the fall and they aren't going to allow that.

For those who want more, Marcy has three live-blogging sessions, including one really interesting one devoted to Fitzgerald's opening statement, and Christy has one longer, written summary of the day. 

MW - Fitzgerald's Opening Statement

MW - Ted Wells' Opening Statement, Part I (Libby's Lawyer)

MW - Ted Wells' Opening Statement, Part II

CHS - Summary of the Day's Events

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