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January 31, 2007

Day Six of the Libby Trial: Miller and Cooper

More Judy Miller but nothing substantially new.  Libby Defense lawyer Bill Jeffress was not as successful in undermining Miller's credibility today as he was yesterday.  Jeralyn and Marcy, talking about it on camera at the end of the day, believe that Miller's testimony alone would not convict Libby since Miller's memory had been questioned effectively.

Matt Cooper was not a particularly effective witness for the prosecution.  Not much to say about it.

Then there was a lawyerly discussion while the jury was out that uncovered a conversation that Libby had had with Mary Matalin, who had formerly worked for the VP.  Libby had called Matalin for advice on the Wilson situation and Matalin had said that 1) "Wilson's a snake" and 2) "Call Tim", meaning Tim Russert, reinforcing the point that Cathie Martin had made that Russert was the guy to go to when you need to get the VP's message out there.   

The public is getting to see under the rocks we traditionally never hear about.  Fascinating.  We knew that Matalin is pathologically partisan.  But we also hear that Tim Russert hates Chris Matthews, according to Matalin.  We are never going to look at Russert in the same way.  Whether it makes a difference in this trial is a different story. 

Jeralyn and Marcy have another video-clip up where they discuss the value of the various testimonies to the prosecution.  They see a weakness in each of the testimonies individually but seem to think that collectively it may work in nailing Libby.  They also discuss an upcoming "mystery witness".  Hm.  This trial gets ever more interesting. 

In addition to the now regular live-blogging from Marcy Wheeler and the summary by Jeralyn, we also have a bonus: Jon Stewart weighs in on the trial

MW - Judy Miller, 4

MW - Judy Miller, 5

MW - Matt Cooper, 1

MW - Matt Cooper, 2

MW - Matt Cooper, 3

JM - Who Will Deliver for Fitz?

Comedy Central on the Libby Trial - Jon Stewart

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