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January 24, 2007

Day Two of The Libby Trial

No video-clip from Christy and Marcy at Firedoglake today.  Shucks!  I was hoping they would have one every day.  So, I'll do my best to provide the really brief version and pass you along to the more detailed posts.

Today was the testimony of three people:

1) Marc Grossman, former #3 at the State Department. 

2) Robert Grenier, Deputy Director at the CIA

3) Craig Schmall, CIA briefer for both Libby and Cheney during parts of the time in question

With all three, the defense aimed to question their ability to remember facts clearly and to intimate that the CIA was trying to undermine the White House.  The trial is beginning to verify some of the underside of life spent working in the Bush/Cheney administration.  Christy thinks this is an odd defense: 

Because if that truly is their intent — to bring up the Niger document forgeries, as they did with the Government's witnesses Marc Grossman and Robert Grenier this morning; to bring up the war of words between the CIA and the White House/Vice President's office on who would take the blame for the mess that is Iraq; to bring up an endless string of innuendos that the CIA was out to make Scooter Libby into their fall guy?  I'm sorry, but I do not see this jury buying that failure to accept responsibility.  It's just a feeling from watching the jurors and the reactions of the folks in the gallery watching the trial…among which, there was a sense of confusion as to what, exactly, defense counsel was trying to get at today, other than to point out that people do, inherently, have memory questions over time.

Christy points out that the Libby Team is trying to push two conflicting arguments.  1) Libby was so busy with very important national security issues that he didn't pay much attention to Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame Wilson and 2) Libby was forced to do damage control on Joe Wilson's questions about the Bush Administration's lying about the reasons for going into the Iraq War, and particularly about Cheney's role in squelching information contrary to the favored story.

Such timing for this trial.  This has to be impacting the upwelling of resistance to the President and the administration's escalation.  Marcy live-blogged all day again and Christy summarized.  This is an extraordinary experience - getting to "see" directly into the courtroom.    

MW - Wells Cross-Examines Marc Grossman (State Dept.)

MW - Robert Grenier Testimony, 1 (CIA)

MW - Robert Grenier Testimony, 2 (CIA)

MW - Craig Schmall (CIA Briefer to OVP)

CHS - Summary of the Day

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