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January 05, 2007

Impeachment Flashmob in SF

Tomorrow morning, 1000 plus people are going to lie in the sand at Ocean Beach in San Francisco within lettering that spells out the word IMPEACH.  If all goes according to plan, at 11:00 a helicopter will fly overhead and take photos and videos and put them on the Internet.  Local News crews are lined up to record the event.  Odds are it will make the national news.   

A month ago, when I was in San Franciso at a party in honor of a friend's book being published, I ran into an acquaintance, Brad Newsham, who is organizing the event.  He put up a website, got a permit from the Park Service, hired a helicopter and notified the press.  After one false start when the weather didn't cooperate, it looks like it is a go.  I just checked the website and it looks like the weather will be fine tomorrow morning.  He has 1048 people signed up.  He's already put up a video-clip taken when they did a run-through on Nov. 11. 

My brother is going to join in so he will send up a report after the event and let us know how it goes.  Just another great use of the Internet in conjunction with good, old-fashioned organizing.

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