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January 10, 2007

Jay Inslee Weighs In on Iraq

Congressman Inslee spoke on the floor of the House today against the escalation.  Inslee said that it is the constitutional obligation of the U.S. Congress to do what makes sense for the American people even if it means cutting off funding for the escalation.   Here's the link for an audio-clip, since I can't seem to get TypePad to embed it:


And here is the brief speech itself:

Mr. Speaker: We need a surge of congressional action to stop George Bush's disastrous policy in Iraq.  You know, the country needs and is desperate for a change in policy in Iraq and tonight President George Bush will continue his policy of failure of giving us just more of the same.  It is clear that we need to insist on a political solution in Iraq rather than to insist on Americans continuing to pour billions of dollars and thousands of lives in to this political chaos in Iraq.  The president has refused to listen to the bipartisan panel calling for a change in Iraq; he has refused to listen to the American people.  But he cannot refuse to listen to a Congress that fulfills its obligation under the Constitution to exercise the power of the purse to stop this misguided escalation.  The U.S. House should vote in clear and no uncertain terms to fund the troops that are there and to cut off funding for any escalation.  It is our constitutional obligation; it is a commonsense policy to insist on Iraqis standing up.  That's the direction and the change we need in this country.

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