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January 05, 2007

Our Leadership Team Takes the Field

What a day we were witness to yesterday.  I puddled up several times as I followed the news of Nancy Pelosi's swearing in on radio and TV over the course of the day.  Such a joy to watch her take the gavel with such grace.  I think we've got a rock star here.  For anyone who hasn't had the chance to read or hear enough about her, her home-town paper, the SF Chronicle has run a couple good articles on her this week.  Here and here.    

And we have an early video-clip of the scene on the House floor yesterday as she was elected and another as she made her way through the crowds and began to speak.  Here is the speech itself, a wonderful, warm speech that promises a lot.   As a note, she wore purple, the color of the suffragists.  Nice, subtle touch.

Harry Reid at the Senate was a bit overshadowed yesterday but seemed happy to let Nancy have the spotlight for her historic new role.  Here is his first speech from yesterday, including a list of the first 10 bills the Senate Democrats will introduce.  The Guardian of the UK has a nice article on what we can expect from the Democrats, including a list of the bill we will see introduced over the next few days:

· Ethics reform, with a ban on gifts from lobbyists to congressmen and other controls

· A rise in the federal minimum wage for the first time in a decade from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour

· An end to the Bush administration's restrictions on stem cell research

· Implementation of the recommendations of the commission on the 9/11 terror attacks

· A plan for the federal government to negotiate cheaper prices for prescription drugs

· And the halving of interest rates on student loans

Lastly, two bloggers over at AmericaBlog, Rob in Baltimore and Joe in DC, interviewed a number of Congresscritters and got videoclips of them on Politics TV and then also spoke themselves about what it was like being in the midst of this historic changeover.  A nice piece.

Great to see our team in control and to feel pretty good about how they are going to conduct themselves on our behalf. 

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