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January 29, 2007

Videos for Your Enjoyment

As I've been writing and talking and reading about protest marches (after participating a couple days ago again), I am leaning more and more toward influencing the culture as the new version of protest marches.  Think about the impact that "Brokeback Mountain" likely had on the thinking about gays and relationships and rights.  Think about the impact that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have on our political thinking, especially for younger folks.  Think about the impact that James Webb's public response to Bush has had.  Think about the impact of all these progressive blogs. 

That is all just to introduce two cool video-clips I ran across today: The first is a brief comparison of John McCain's words with John McCain's words at some other time, called The Real McCain.   It's brilliant, as one would expect from the talented Robert Greenwald.

The second is the first post-election ad from Wesley Clark and the amazing Vote Vets group, those folks who brought us the powerful ads about the good armor and the bad armor that they ran in the states with Senators (all Republican) who voted against sending the good armor to our soldiers and marines in Iraq. 

It is an anti-escalation ad that is playing in a few states back east, likely states who have a Senator (Republican, natch) who is on the fence about escalation.

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